It is a truth universally acknowledged... that a house with books is also full of magic


The way Bates says

"You think I’m a murderer", he sounds very hurt, he sounds a though he’s upset that she could even consider it… more proof really that he didn’t actually kill Green… but the police might not believe that and that’s what worries Anna the most.

But Anna’s face afterwards, she…

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"The episode, however, belonged to the least surprising proposal, from Lord Merton to Penelope Wilton’s Isobel, whose performance, was peerless and delicate. A nation was touched. She will turn him down of course. What does a woman of the world need with a toff, a large stately home and a substantial fortune? You’re right. Everything." (x)






I think it is unlikely that I will show in the book 4 LOK fire nation. So I decided to paint the entrance to the capital during the reign of his Zuko’s daughter . Of course (as I want the good fortune Azula) I drew two huge statues of the “heroes of Fire” Zuko and Azula like statues in Republic City.

This is beyond amazing.

OMG I thought this was real and then I realized that this is fanart.  *cries*  I did hear on avatarspirit that there is a new comic coming out but I haven’t heard any details about it except that gene says it has a lot of Zuko in it.  Does anyone have any idea what it’s about yet?

I don’t think there’s any official info about it yet, just what little Yang has said on Twitter, I presume. I figure we’ll find out more about that when The Rift Part 3 comes out…?

This is so beautiful that i have lost all words to express it.

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(Sirius Black at 2am in the Gryffindor dormitory)

That description.

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kamiki77 asked my top 5 favorite villain songs…

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Game of Thrones as a reality show